Union Days: Now fully searchable!


I’ve likely waxed poetic about the influence of the Union newspaper before, so I’ll keep it brief now. My experience there was a life-changer; I wouldn’t be where I am now without my short time there. The Union gave me skills, best friends and eventually a husband. Lucky me.

Recently, the El Camino College Student Media Digital Archive Project became officially available to everyone for free. Free! Past issues of the Union, Warrior Life and El Camino College yearbook dating back to 1946 are all fully browseable. Be still, my librarian heart! It’s an amazing feat and I wish I’d been on the ground floor on this project. Check it out here. (FYI: It appears to be a little wonky still, so if you receive a “Session Expired” pop-up, just click OK then “Click here to login as a Guest User.”)

Although it’s been about six years since I was news editor there, it was interesting to see my front pages against the others. I cringe when I look on them now, but they were and pretty much still are very unlike those of the editors before and after me. So there’s that.

Just a few of my really corny front pages.

When I spoke to the current editorial board this past April, I walked around the newsroom and found a few of my front pages still tacked to the wall. My cheeks burned with something like embarrassment. I am very proud of most of the work I have done over the years, but I am still very bashful about it all the same. Back on the Union, I remember wanting to try something new, to push my boundaries both creatively and technically. I suppose it worked. I won a few awards, including ACP Best of Show in St. Louis, Fall 2007.

Browsing an archive like this one really drives home how vital it is to preserve the past and make it accessible to as many people as possible. Viewing a body of work collectively allows one to reflect on the organization as a whole as well, aiding and propelling it into the future. And for me, personally, it allows me to view the little blip my presence made in Union history.

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