A friendly writing exercise

I try to do many things with this blog. Most of which fail miserably in the light of more immediate obligations, such as school, work, family, etc. I have the best intentions.

Here is yet another one of my many ideas.

In an effort to bolster my writing, I want to begin a mini-series here called “When we first met,” in which I share my earliest memories of my friends. I’ve been very fortunate to have so many longtime friends, many of whom I’ve known for at least a decade now. It should be fun to discover how much I remember versus how well I remember. Maybe a pattern will emerge about how I create friendships.

Anyway, I’m starting with this little introduction to help me get the ball rolling. I will try to go chronologically, starting with my oldest friendship, but I’m sure I’ll start jumping around when the mood strikes. I’m pretty fickle like that.

Preview of my oldest friendship. I’m the baby in the back.

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