Blasphemy, from a gamer.

It’s the only thing that these damn computers are lacking. If I could play Oblivion on a Mac, I’d be ridiculously happy.

The day ahead appears long and tedious. I am already looking forward to hopping into bed at the end of the night. After tonight I am going to sleep A LOT.

And start reading for pleasure again.

Rereading goodies but oldies is not enough. I need to stimulate my brain with new words and phrases and locales.

Oh, and especially new characters. I’m looking for another character to fall in love with.

So far I’m smitten with Batman, Morpheus, and Lestat.

Ah, and the mystery man from The Blind Assassin. He liked to tell stories, long-winded tales.

I used to feel like I was listening to someone talk whenever I read that book.

Perhaps I was just lonely back then. Haha.

Whatever the case, I haven’t read anything in a long while that has made me feel so strongly. If anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate them.

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