"I need to know that it all means something."

My heart feels heavy tonight.

Perhaps certain things in my life are finally catching up with me. Or maybe I am merely feeling down because I do not feel very well physically due to a burgeoning sore throat and little sleep. It is probably a combination of the three though.

I feel… lonely, for lack of a better word at the moment. I am not alone, of course. And I do not necessarily want company right now, either. Ah, I have been struck by Melancholy, a dear old friend.

It seems to me that many people turn to religion merely to expain the unexplainable, or to have some sort of a “means to an end.” Otherwise, it could be construed that Life has no meaning beyond what we experience within our limited time here. Personally, I do not need something to look forward to in order to enjoy Life now. Before us lies total uncertainty; all we can rely on is what is immediate. I suppose one could argue that what we experience is purely subjective, and therefore not entirely real or trustworthy. But what is real for me is what matters to me.

Aaauughh. I forgot where I was going with this. I lose my train of thought rather quickly. Writing used to come so easily to me. :/

3 thoughts on “"I need to know that it all means something."

  1. The greatest question we face, I faced, is the notion of purpose in this life and beyond. Religion is merely a crutch if there is no hint of truth behind it. But as billions upon billions religious believers pray to the Heavens upon an almighty god, they refuse to believe in nothingness. The other question is which religion holds to be true–which worldview best fits how the world is governed? It’s a tough question, but I can frame it in this way: what moral values do we hold closest to us? That opens up many possibilities, but it will hopefully lead us to that one singularity I’m aiming at.Without purpose, we can’t help but feel lonely. We were never meant to be alone–it can only lead to tragedy.Some things to think about and start off with.

  2. And who might you be?In answer to “what moral values do we hold closest to us?”:It seems to me that many of the major world religions uphold the same basic moral values. The differences lie within the storytelling itself.

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog and I was just perusing through it. I just figured, “What the heck,” I’ll just read through the darn thing =).Yes, there is a common thread that does seem to link the major faiths of the world. Judaism and Christianity share a common heritage. The Ten Commandments in the Old Testament formed the basis of a strict morality God wanted the ancient Israelites to follow. Jesus of Nazareth in the New Testament then quoted Jewish Scripture as the basis of his own teachings. Islam is regarded as an Abrahamic monotheistic religion that bears some commonality, and does reference elements of the New Testament, although the biggest difference is that it denies Christ as God and even the Crucifixion. Buddhism doesn’t even recognize Buddha as a deity, just a mere “great moral teacher.” And Hinduism is an amalgam of numerous gods and deities that contradict the monotheistic origins of Christianity/Judaism/Islam. So yes, there are differences but why? If they do have the “basic idea” of morality, then don’t the stories matter as well? If one religion says God created the universe, whereas one says that a multitude of gods exists within the fabric of nature, then doesn’t it affect the very moral foundations we happen to find true? I’ll probably stop there for now. I need to get some sleep. I have work tomorrow =). Take care.

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