We drown in beauty in our lives.

I have been insanely happy as of late. And I must say, I am simply awestruck by how truly beautiful Life can be. I have made it a point to appreciate and express my gratitude for all my good fortune. Every single friend I have adds to my Life. They teach me something new all the time. I also have a very special someone who has somehow managed to get me to let down my guard and feel completely comfortable and secure.

My happiness is perhaps the reason why I no longer rant. I have decided to revel in what I have. I want to appreciate my Life. I know there are issues to discuss and problems to solve, but I want to give credit where it is due, and for far too long I have merely complained.

I feel as if I have enough love to spread to everyone. I harbor no ill will toward anyone and only wish them the greatest happiness.

I am not doing justice to how I feel. Or to how beautiful the world is and can be. I will try again later. 😛

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