So. I reread Ecclesiastes. I realize that it is perhaps the most unique piece of wisdom literature that I am so far familiar with, mostly because it states that all we do in our lives is vanity. There is no heaven or hell; only sheol. Anything we do within our mortal lives is inconsequential and fairly paradoxical. We may live our lives according to hedonism without much consequence. Even the righteous have no real recourse to be so. At the end of the book, Qoheleth decrees that only in living our lives for God can we ever feel fulfilled. Though God is the ultimate mystery, if we live righteously we may be rewarded with a long and prosperous life.

Perhaps it is just me, but after reading that I do not see much incentive for believing in God. All is vanity, regardless.

Today is the first morning that I have had the chance to sleep in for a long while, and I must say that I feel fairly refreshed. However, my back is ridiculously sore, but I know precisely why that is. :]

I have a lot of reading to do this weekend, as well as a short essay to write. I want to finish it all by tomorrow night so that the rest of the week may remain stress free.

On Wednesday, my hunny bunny will be taking David, Keith, and myself vintage clothes shopping somewhere in Hollywood. Perhaps I will also finally be able to go to Amoeba here!

Thursday, the Union staff will be leaving for Sacramento on a goddamn bus with Cerritos and Cypress colleges. I am thoroughly excited about this competition. We have assigned roommates, but I am fortunate enough to room with Melissa. And David has his own room. Powchickapowwow. O.o

I am fairly certain that I will be competing in copy-editing, but Lori gave me some inkling that I might also do layout. Gah. I cannot comprehend how or why anyone would believe me at all capable of creating good layouts. But I digress. Competition is fun and I hope to do well in copy-editing again. I won third place at the regional JACC. If it is at all possible I would like to surpass even that achievement in Sacramento.

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