Sometimes we just get lucky.

Certain things from my past have been bugging me lately. I blame it entirely on jury duty and jury selection.

Question number 16 was along these lines: “Have you, a relative, or a close friend ever been a victim of domestic abuse?”

And unfortunately the answer to that question is a “yes” on all counts.

I loathe feeling weak. I abhor the sniveling creature I used to be, and I suppose it’s a good thing I carry certain memories with me wherever I go. David pointed out to me that at the very least, because I can’t or won’t forget, I will certainly never place myself into those awful sitations again.

He is right about that. Never again will I succumb. Never again will I falter. I am going to be me, and I am going to surround myself with people who will allow me to simply be, who accept me, quirks and faults all.

The title of this blog references the boyfriend. He is really a good guy. Sometimes I am amazed that someone like him has come along so soon in my young life, especially after all the nonsense, drudgery and heartache I experienced in my last relationship. We get along so well. We have a very similar sense of humor, and our trains of thought are typically in sync, to my chagrin. Both of us are very laidback and carefree. I can spend hours with him and enjoy every minute. Being with him is just like hanging out with one of my best friends.

Ack. The implications!

I will hold my tongue. It is early yet. 😛