Ruminating my possibilities.

At the moment they seem endless.

Aside from setbacks I see as mostly minor, my life is running smoothly, which I find exhilarating and a tad daunting.

It only makes me nervous because I do not really feel I deserve all this good fortune.

I have amazing friends. The people I have met within this last year will be with me for the rest of my life; that is how similar we are, and how enduring I feel our friendships are.

I am in love with a guy I connect with on every level; he helps me feel good about myself.

And as for college and my career, I no longer worry or dread the future as I did only a few months ago.

I used to fear that I would end up miserable, trapped in a life I did not choose wholeheartedly.

For me, that would be the ultimate disaster, a waste of a life that was inherently beautiful, that had limitless potential for happiness.

How millions of people the world over seem to settle so often, I simply cannot fathom. Why?

Some say that Fortune never smiles upon them. But I am starting to believe she simply needs a little coaxing. Opportunity never knocks for those who choose to wait.

Is it fear that holds us back?

Fear of success, fear of failure, fear of finding love, then losing it?

I would rather find out what I am capable of, than always wonder.

I would rather fall in love with my whole being for at least once in my lifetime, than never experience it at all.

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