I’ve got cat-class, and I’ve got cat-style.

Damn straight.

It’s curious when one realizes that things in Life have the amazing ability to change, yet still remain virtually the same.

The group of people closest to me consist of these individuals:


Los Guys. For the most part, they all consider me one of the guys. I am not exactly the epitome of femininity, so it works out.

The group I went out with last night included:

(Richard joined us later.)

What strikes me as remarkable is that over the years, we have all grown and changed as individuals, and yet our group dynamics never seem to change.

To this day we still hang out in much the same manner as we did back in high school. Typically we congregate on Hadler, where Justin and Noel live across from each other. Our shenanigans and antics go on until the wee hours of the night, whether it is eating pie in the bed of Doi’s truck, or simply standing in a circle and talking philosophy or reminiscing.

Now, we may not do this every weekend as we used to, but when we do, it’s easy and comfortable, and always makes for a fun night.

We went to a hookah bar last night. It was my first time smoking anything, so it was quite an experience. I coughed, then everyone kept making me laugh, so I coughed even more. I enjoyed it. I even got fairly lightheaded.

But I mostly enjoyed it because the majority of us were together again. Sometimes it is extremely difficult to organize such an excursion, but this time everything and everyone fell into place nicely, with little persuasion or coaxing.

And while I feel a bit under the weather at the moment, for the most part I feel good because of last night.

A toast to the primal! And to good times, all the fuckin’ time.

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