We crumble in the presence of absolute beauty.

The other night I watched “Equilibrium.”

For some reason the movie was on my mind for the better part of the day.

I always thought it had a stronger message than “The Matrix.” “Equilibrium” deals with a society that decided feelings were the root cause of all of humanity’s problems; thus, to eradicate war and violence, which are caused by greed, anger and jealousy, the society implemented a mandatory drug intake. The drug was designed to suppress emotions.

But some people did not agree with this solution to the world’s problems. In their minds, removing emotions from humanity caused people to lose their basic humanity. Life was no longer worth living.

The world is a beautiful place, a marvel to behold and appreciate. Without the capacity to feel, what is the point in living? We live to laugh and love. We live to appreciate the beauty this world contains, be it art, literature or music. There is no point to life if you are unable to experience any of it.

I am open to many things. I like to imagine that I appreciate most of what life offers. I laugh a lot. I like to think I love fairly fiercely. I love all kinds of people, food, music, art, books, places.

And I love the fact that there is just too much out there for me to experience.

Maybe I’ll watch the movie AGAIN. Haha.

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