I think the world of you.



Is love meant to envelop you in one grand, sweeping gesture?


I think the temporary madness stage is beginning to wear off. Now is the time to determine whether our roots are entwined enough.

By the way, I am more than willing. Love makes you dumb sometimes.


Guevarra makes my knees shake. We are GODS. We have reached Ghandi-status, babe.

Tony makes me squeal. And we enjoy good food and good conversation more than most.

Justin makes me think. About troublesome things, and meaningful things.

Danny makes me laugh more than a gay man singing a queer song. I love him dearly.

Noel makes me vomit. Occasionally with rage. But friends we remain, still the same.

CJ makes me proud to be tall. Tall people constitute the TOTAL PACKAGE.

Richard makes me smile. Because he’s one of the most down-to-earth people I know.

Chris and I have reached genius-status. He’s going to be President, and I’m going to… I’m not quite sure yet.

My guy friends are way better than yours.


This general malaise is somewhat irksome. I get through it well enough; it is not as if I am performing so below my standards that my academic standing is in any sort of jeopardy.

I have just really lost my motivation.

I am in that mindset again in which I just want to drop everything and fly far away from here.

But I can’t. And I never will, because I care too much.

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