There is no such thing as a surplus of cookies.

I cannot even fathom how many cookies there would have to be in order for me to get tired of them.

As I was telling Maria, it should not be flattering to become synonymous with cookies, but I am greatly amused by the distinction.

Warm, chewy chocolate chip cookies and a glass of ice-cold milk can make me forget about any gray day.

So. As I mentioned earlier, I totally bombed this semester. My GPA probably will not drop as much as I fear, but meh. I lost my motivation somewhere at the halfway point, as evidenced by my sporadic attendance recorded in the professors’ logs.

I ought to feel bad, but I really do not.

I have lost my nerve.

But I think I mean I have lost my verve. Yes, that is the word I was looking for.

I’m DONE. I checked out a long time ago. Screw it. I’ll face the repercussions with gusto.

One thought on “There is no such thing as a surplus of cookies.

  1. There is no such thing, yes, but there is also such a thing as a surplus of Peera May Chantasirivisal =).

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