Roll out.

Transformers turned out to be fairly entertaining. It was a tad slow during some parts, but overall, not a bad portrayal of Optimus Prime and the gang. However, I did not enjoy the flaming veneer, nor the Linkin Park song at the end.


I have come to notice that my blogs are mostly concerned with self-reflection. It is difficult for me to take things at mere face value; I analyze to hell, which is not necessarily a good thing.

For an assignment during high school, I was asked to describe myself. “Cynical” was the most accurate word I could settle for, but I also expressed a wish to be less so, and more optimistic about life in general. Leibs wrote me a little note that went something like this: It’s OK to be critical about life, as long as you don’t let it prevent you from living it.

Oh, Leibs. You always had such faith in this “brilliant” brain of mine. I am terribly sorry that I haven’t made much use of it, but I’m still young. You were the one who told me I was a young woman with an old soul. Well, I suppose these days I’m learning how to be young again, and using whatever insight I’ve gained through my trials to simply live and love with my entire being.


I have to admit something.

I feel a little put out.

And I am vaguely bothered by something.

Minor slight, but a slight nonetheless.

I’m feeling a bit unloved by Danny, but I haven’t told him so just because it’s just a petty thing. I only feel this way because I haven’t really had a long conversation with him lately.

Ah, well. Friends come and go as they please. That doesn’t always necessarily mean the love is gone.


Sometimes I’m afraid that I am so intent on being nothing like my mother, that I am becoming something other, a person nothing like who I want to be. My desire to be the complete opposite of my mother has almost driven me to renouncing things she likes, just because she likes them. I used to loathe drinking, because she enjoys her wine a bit too much. I don’t want children because I’m afraid I’ll let them down somehow. Occasionally I detest being a female, and the perceived predispositions that come along with the gender.