Before I forget:

Last night I had an unsettling encounter with a customer. Unsettling for reasons I can’t even explain or describe. I’ll just relate what happened.

He came up to the register and gave me his merchandise. Normal, yes?

However, I could feel him intently staring at me and my fingers while I was ringing him up and typing up his information on the computer.

When I was finished, he asked me if I played the piano. I said that I used to when I was in high school, and that was that. He didn’t offer any explanation as to why he’d asked. I only assume he asked because he noticed that I could type fairly quickly.

Meh. It left me feeling bizarre.

Well, work yesterday was just strange in general. I had a number of awkward conversations. A few of my male coworkers asked me if it was true that I wanted to go to Comic-Con. When I answered in the affirmative, they asked why, and what/who I wanted to see there. They were wondering if I was going for the manga/anime. I had to say, “Are you asking because I’m a girl?” I then told them I wanted to go for Neil Gaiman, and that I adore Batman. They were surprised. Literally. “Wow, that’s cool.”


And another thing. We are having a Deathly Hallows Ball to kick off the release of the final Harry Potter book, and it is encouraged that employees dress up. One of my supervisors suggested that it would be neat if I dressed up as Cho Chang, the only Asian person in the entire Harry Potter world.


I guess that means I’ll be dressing up in typical Ravenclaw schoolgirl attire.

This whole Harry Potter fad irritates me, and only because I’ve heard people compare the series to literature such as LOTR and Narnia.

What? Come again? You think Harry Potter is up to par with Aslan and the High King Peter?

I think not, you bandwagon twit.


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