Oh, please tell me.

Would you zip into oblivion with me?

I’ve often thought about the type of companion I would like by my side throughout my lifetime, whether s/he and I would have a chiefly platonic or romantic relationship.

That aspect, while it may seem all-encompassing, is of little relevance or importance to me, I realize now.

I just want someone close to me who can match my stride, who has just as strong a lust for life.

Someone who wouldn’t be afraid to break the confines of society for the sake of high adventure, because doing so alone just wouldn’t be as satisfying.

I never believed the notion that humans were solitary beings. We survive by banding together, strengthening morals and traditions and beliefs through interaction and shared experiences. As beings of abstract thought, we are already caught within the confines of our minds, but most of us go out each day and try to break those barriers down, meeting people and forging friendships.

I want to share the world with someone, bouncing ideas and perspectives off one another.

Whenever I have a bit of time to think, I wonder what life would be like if I could live outside of societal expectations.

Because we are shaped by our culture and society, I have trouble distinguishing between my desires, and the desires I have because of my upbringing, or even if there is a distinction between the two.

Would I want kids if I didn’t feel like it was expected of me? Would I be working toward a degree and a career if it wasn’t a necessity in this society?


I try to live my life for me, and not for expectations of me.