OK, this is me revisiting a topic that I seem to come across in every sociology class.

Love. Chapter 4 is on love.

There are six styles of loving, according to John Alan Lee, and he divides these into two categories: primary and derived.

The primary styles:

Eros– love at first sight
Ludus– playful, non-possessive love
Storge– companionship

And the derived styles:

Mania– obsessive and possessive love
Pragma– practical
Agape– selfless and giving

Now, my professor made us watch “Casablanca” for this chapter. I know it’s a “timeless classic,” but I’d never seen it before this past week.

I enjoyed it, despite its corniness. I was finally able to see the movie that spawned so many contemporary clichés.

She wanted us to watch the characters in order to define the love they had for one another.

At first it seemed as if Rick’s love for Ilsa was more like pragma, but by the end of the film, I felt that his love was more like agape.

I want to love someone that way. I’m trying, but it’s damn difficult.

I consider myself a very selfish person.

Damn, I suck.

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