You’re my thrill.

The evening pulses along at a steady pace.

And while it is cold outside, I feel very warm, and very much alive.

I live too much in alternate realities, dimensions and worlds created by minds much finer than my own.

But I understand their messages.

“Oh, it’s sweet. Being alive is so damn sweet.”

And so it is. We should all be so goddamn thankful.

Life is precious. Yet it is wholly random; it comes from an odd collection of events and instances that somehow lead to something unimaginable, unpredictable.

It is a characteristic of humanity to surprise. To boggle, to defy the norm. And while the majority of us fall into simple, ordinary lives because the world itself is too big, it should be remembered that no life is ordinary.

Each life is extraordinary.

My fundamental weakness is that I sometimes blind myself to this undeniable fact. I let myself become inundated by obstacles that seem to be overwhelming.

“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of mere being.” – C.G. Jung


Yeah, well. I got sidetracked.

“I want to see you and taste you and smell you, just because I can.”

A perverted mind such as my own, and perhaps yours, might think the above line reeks of promiscuity and all sorts of other sordid activities.

Well, it sort of does. But it’s more about reveling in the here and now, in appreciating what you have before you, and what you have some influence on.

And I’m horny.


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