Thank you, 2007.

Sometimes it is just easier to copy and paste rather than trying to reconstruct a conversation more eloquently. That, and I am just plain lazy.

ooopinchme: i wrote down 10 things
ooopinchme: to live by
ooopinchme: and i don’t know where it is anymore 😦
Its just Mari 12: sucks
ooopinchme: it was just 3 weeks ago
ooopinchme: haha
Its just Mari 12: hahaha
Its just Mari 12: tsk tsk
ooopinchme: i changed my default again
ooopinchme: ugh
ooopinchme: i can’t make up my mind
Its just Mari 12: haha
ooopinchme: gah
ooopinchme: i wish i had that list
Its just Mari 12: ??
ooopinchme: 10 things to live by that i gleaned from a good book i read
Its just Mari 12: oooh
Its just Mari 12: do you rember any of them?
ooopinchme: it’s what i want to blog about
ooopinchme: a few
ooopinchme: one of them is this: god is in everything. people continue to search for him because it’s too simple to accept the fact that life itself is an act of faith
ooopinchme: another is: you don’t ever have to explain yourself to anyone
ooopinchme: meaning, you don’t need to worry about what others think
Its just Mari 12: yeah
Its just Mari 12: what book did you read this in?
ooopinchme: Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Coelgo
ooopinchme: er
ooopinchme: Coelho
ooopinchme: good book
ooopinchme: what else…
ooopinchme: Never live your life for someone else
ooopinchme: always stay in tune with your feelings. don’t stifle them, but also don’t let them control you
ooopinchme: pretty much, it’s a theory called gunnysacking
ooopinchme: the majority of people swallow a lot of their emotions
ooopinchme: rather than getting into a confrontation
ooopinchme: and you continue to carry these feelings with you
Its just Mari 12: of course, because it seems like it’s easier that way but in reality it’s not
ooopinchme: until your “gunnysack” becomes too full
ooopinchme: and you either explode
ooopinchme: on someone who doesn’t really deserve any of your anger or whatever it is
ooopinchme: or you implode
ooopinchme: and you can physically get ick
ooopinchme: sick*
Its just Mari 12: haha. sounds like i’m a victim of the “gunnysack”
ooopinchme: haha
ooopinchme: i am too
Its just Mari 12: eesh
ooopinchme: it’s not good
ooopinchme: or rather, not healthy
ooopinchme: um..
ooopinchme: what else
ooopinchme: every person lives in his or her own reality
ooopinchme: it’s fashioned out of the way they were brought up
ooopinchme: by society
ooopinchme: etc.
ooopinchme: oh
ooopinchme: conformity is unnatural
ooopinchme: we become obsessed with becoming people we think we want to be
ooopinchme: or society thinks we want to be
ooopinchme: whatever is deemed as normal
ooopinchme: its OK to be isna
ooopinchme: insnae
ooopinchme: insane
ooopinchme: it’s OK to be different
Its just Mari 12: of course
Its just Mari 12: haha
ooopinchme: there’s more
ooopinchme: oh
Its just Mari 12: hmm.. looks like i found another book to read
ooopinchme: people go insane when they try to escape from the lives they’ve fashioned
ooopinchme: some people take the easy way, by going “insnae” by society’s standards
ooopinchme: meaning, since we judge them as unfit to live with the rest of us, we cloister them with otehrs like them
ooopinchme: and then they are allowed to live outside of society
ooopinchme: without its confines
ooopinchme: without its rules and etiquette
ooopinchme: but then again, that puts them back into the false sense of security they were trying to escape out in the “normal” world
ooopinchme: because when you’re locked elsewhere with people like you, it’s the same thing
ooopinchme: it’s safe
Its just Mari 12: right.. so it drives them even more insane
ooopinchme: not necessarily more insane, but there’s no growth
ooopinchme: people are afraid to grow
Its just Mari 12: hmm
ooopinchme: because growth takes them in directions that don’t seem normal
ooopinchme: or familiar
ooopinchme: it doesn’t matter whether a situation is to your liking
ooopinchme: you’ll learn something either way
ooopinchme: and that’s the valuable and beautiful thing about life
ooopinchme: nothing
ooopinchme: and no one
ooopinchme: is the same
ooopinchme: and you’re only really living life if you’re out there experiencing as much of it as possible
ooopinchme: it’s the people who approach each day with a grateful smile who are getting the most out of life
ooopinchme: i suppose that’s what i’m trying to aspire to
ooopinchme: but it’s hard
Its just Mari 12: it is
ooopinchme: even if you know you’re in control of the majority of things
ooopinchme: you’re in control of your attitude, of the way you see things
ooopinchme: you can influence your life to such an insane degree
ooopinchme: just by altering your perception of it and looking forward to each day
ooopinchme: i suppose that’s the overall message of this pseudo rant of mine
ooopinchme: we have way more control than we can usually imagine
Its just Mari 12: yes, we do
Its just Mari 12: it’s just a matter of deciding what’s right for you
ooopinchme: mmhmm
ooopinchme: and you’re the only person who cna decide that
Its just Mari 12: exactly
ooopinchme: fuck everyone else who tries to butt in
ooopinchme: despite their good intentions
Its just Mari 12: mhmm
ooopinchme: there’s more on my list i think
ooopinchme: i don’t know how many points i just touched on
Its just Mari 12: that’s really insightful though
Its just Mari 12: such a change for you.. talk about openning up
Its just Mari 12: haha
ooopinchme: to live life the way you’re meant to
ooopinchme: takes some big balls
ooopinchme: haha
Its just Mari 12: yeah
ooopinchme: i get really worked up about things like this
Its just Mari 12: but i guess it’s something we all try to do but with minimal effort
ooopinchme: because from all facets of your life, you always have people influencing you, and even going so far as to tell you what or hwo to do things
Its just Mari 12: which is how misunderstandings happen and arguments are errupted.. haha
ooopinchme: it’s a control issue
ooopinchme: a lot of people, women especially, i think, try to control whatever they can
ooopinchme: it’s a false sense of security
ooopinchme: i know i’m like that
Its just Mari 12: as am i
ooopinchme: i like to be totally in control of anything i’m involved in
ooopinchme: well, if i deem it important enough
ooopinchme: haha
Its just Mari 12: haha
Its just Mari 12: especially if you’re used to taking lead in every situation, it becomes a natural occurance
ooopinchme: yeha
ooopinchme: oh
ooopinchme: i need help making cranberry cupcakes
ooopinchme: for a coworker i adore
ooopinchme: haha
Its just Mari 12: cranberry cupcakes?
Its just Mari 12: okk
ooopinchme: that’s what he said
ooopinchme: haha
ooopinchme: mmm
ooopinchme: men and women are totally different
ooopinchme: it’s a bit too much of a stretch
ooopinchme: to think we’re simiilar
ooopinchme: it’s not a question of equality
ooopinchme: we’re innately different
Its just Mari 12: mhmm
ooopinchme: in a biological and cultural sense
ooopinchme: or behavioral sense, i mean
ooopinchme: women talk
ooopinchme: a lot
ooopinchme: men DO
ooopinchme: men express their passions through what they DO
ooopinchme: what they’re into
ooopinchme: sports are a prime example
Its just Mari 12: mhmm
ooopinchme: which is why we can’t communicate well
ooopinchme: we want to hear them say things
ooopinchme: like
ooopinchme: “i love you”
ooopinchme: or “you mean everything to me”
ooopinchme: even though they may show us these things through little gestures
Its just Mari 12: when women should really consider and “listen” to gestures/acts
Its just Mari 12: hahaha
ooopinchme: like absentmindedly running their fingers through our hair
ooopinchme: or fixing our cars
ooopinchme: haha
Its just Mari 12: haha
Its just Mari 12: or the way they stare at you for no apparent reason without saying a word to you
Its just Mari 12: haha
ooopinchme: exactly
ooopinchme: the creeps
Its just Mari 12: haha
ooopinchme: i’ll be honest and say i hate it when david does that
ooopinchme: i always have to say “what do you want?!”
Its just Mari 12: oh i hated it when earl did that
ooopinchme: “auuughhh”
ooopinchme: then i turn around and busy myself with something
Its just Mari 12: mhmm
ooopinchme: oh
ooopinchme: a good man will want to protect you
Its just Mari 12: mhmm
ooopinchme: whether he’s your brother, father or lover
ooopinchme: his first instinct is to keep you as safe as possible
ooopinchme: and that can translate financially as well
Its just Mari 12: mhmm
ooopinchme: i remember when i first heard that
Its just Mari 12: oh we have many of those among us
ooopinchme: exactly
ooopinchme: it just completely rang true
ooopinchme: i ran through all the close males in my life
ooopinchme: dad, brother, david, our guys
ooopinchme: at times, their concern is just ridiculously absurd
Its just Mari 12: hahaha
ooopinchme: no, i am NOT going to get raped walking around in broad daylight
ooopinchme: the odds are slim
ooopinchme: yes, i AM smart enough not to do this or that
Its just Mari 12: mhmm
Its just Mari 12: it’s amazing how often i’ve heard women say that their men are taking them forgranted but probably in reality it’s complete opposite
ooopinchme: yep
Its just Mari 12: makes me want to do something for the guys, as we planned to do during the summer
Its just Mari 12: haha

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