Here are the rules:

1. List as many things you wish you could say to people but can’t. They can be the same person over and over again.

2. Don’t say who they are. 😀

3. Never discuss it again.


01. I wish you wanted me the same way I want you.

02. I hate how you laugh after every little thing you say.

03. I want to be a better friend to you, but I still worry what people will think.

04. Don’t rush; you really have all the time in the world.

05. I miss you more than I could ever have imagined.

06. I wish I could let go the way you do.

07. You could do so much better.

08. I’m afraid of what we could be.

09. Maybe if you took school and Life more seriously we’d have more to talk about.

10. I worry that you might think she’s your only chance.

11. No one likes you. No one who matters. Not even a little bit.

12. I think you’ll always remain a little girl.

13. You do have kids, you know. They’re not toys to show off and put away once you’re finished.

14. We’re made for one another.

15. I used to hate you because you were so much like me.

16. I wish I could tell you everything.

17. I’m sorry I don’t live up to your expectations. I’m working on it.

18. I hope there is more in store for us than just those swings at Wilson Park.

19. I miss you more than I prefer to show.

20. You need to leave him.

21. You have way more potential than you think.

22. I am ridiculously proud of you.

23. You will always be the biggest douche bag I have ever met.

24. I was so worried that we would never talk again.

25. There is so much more to Life than you might imagine. Step outside your box once in a while.

26. I want you to tell me how much I mean to you because I’m more insecure than I have led you to believe.

27. I don’t deserve the love you gave me.

28. You are a far better person than I could ever hope to be.

29. Man the fuck up.

30. We should have met ten years from now.

31. I’m still game if you are.

32. Make the leap. I’ll be with you the entire time.

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