Silly journalists.

Poynter Online had a fun little contest for who could come up with the best six-word journalism motto. Below are the fabulous results.

Top Ten Picks:

  • Doing more with less since 1690. Ken Fuson, Des Moines Register
  • We’ll always have Paris … or Britney — Jim McPherson, Whitworth University
  • It’s how I change the world. — Nick Escobar, The Elgin (Ill.) CourierNews
  • Get it right, write it tight. — Margaret McDonald, McDonald Wordsmith Communications
  • They’ll miss us when we’re gone. — Scott Powers, Patrick McGeehan, Matthew Jones, John Davenport
  • Feed the watchdog, euthanize the lapdog — Roy Peter Clark
  • Who, what, when, where, why, Web — Greg Phillips, The Fayetteville (N.C.) Observer
  • Facts, schmacts … how is my hair? — Kathy Sweeney, anchor/investigative reporter, Heartland News
  • Dirty commie latte-sipping liberal scum — Ryan Kelly, Christopher Newport University
  • Please stop griping, now start typing. — Jeff Unger, University of Illinois

Honorable Mentions:

  • We’re sorry about all the trees — Ken Fuson
  • We checked: Our mother still loves us — Ken Fuson
  • Stop the presses! Oh, you did. — Jim McPherson
  • Information you can trust until tomorrow — Jim McPherson
  • No news is not good news — J. David Knepper and Leah Etling
  • Black and white, but not green enough — Robert Timmons
  • How many inches is the truth? — Casey Bartels
  • Got stry – will txt u asap — Lynn McMahon
  • Seek the truth, not the money — Angele’ Anderfuren
  • Not tonight, dear. I’m on deadline — Christopher Ortiz
  • We don’t make this shit up — Deb Sutton
  • Writers’ block is on Fleet Street — Anand Raj
  • Dead wood floats. So can we — Ray Martinez
  • A journalist’s work is never done — Randy Rogers
  • If we go, who will know? — Steve Riley
  • History’s first version, updated every minute — Rebecca Jones
  • Five Double You and One Age (Quinque Bi Tu Et Unum Aetas) — Sebastian Moraga
  • We break stuff. Like the news — Ryan Kelly
  • Critical thinking? We outsourced to India — Dennis Alchemist
  • It beats working for a living — Jim Naughton
  • Speak truth to power, or else — Peter Gates
  • Journalistic bias? There’s no stinking bias! — Tim Owens
  • Journalism lives where the truth lies — Daneja Kirkland
  • But this IS my day job! — Mike Gruss
  • We won’t bore you with context — Lois M. Collins
  • News now: We’ll fix it later — Lois M. Collins
  • Accuracy, accuracy, accuracy! No, seriously. Accuracy! — Tim Schulte
  • Every silver lining has a cloud — David VossbrinkMust be readable on the crapper! — Michael Sweeney
  • Eye on the ball; ear on the ground — Peter Dannenberg
  • Mainstream media: We’re your grandfather’s blog — Jim McPherson
  • Filling the space between the ads — Jim McPherson
  • Write the truth between the lines — Lynn McMahon
  • Ding dong, the print is dead — Russel Nichols
  • There’s a period key. Use it. — Dan Close
  • Journalism: Sizing down, so bottom’s up! — Matthew Cate
  • Pyramids to blogosphere, and everywhere in between — Bill West

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