Tonight I’m gonna rock it.

Well, if I knew how I would.

I want Nigel’s Gumby T-shirt. Who can help me out with that?


“Iron Man” comes out tomorrow, although a few lucky people were able to see it tonight. As some of my friends would say, I am “jelly.”


So, I feel finished with school. The semester is winding down with just about two weeks left. I am pretty certain I did really well in most of my classes, which certainly helps boost my self-esteem. Success in the face of adversity does that, I suppose.

When I have no assignments to worry about, I intend to become a complete vegetable. Aside from the job hunt, I will play Oblivion and read comics and other miscellaneous books I have been neglecting. Perhaps I’ll teach myself a few more recipes. I’m becoming a whiz in the kitchen, I am.

That’s a bit of a stretch.


Huzzah for being a sloth.

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