The "I miss" list.

– my Ma
– being news editor of the Union
– El Pollo Inka
– Hayashi sushi
– late night In-N-Out runs
– driving Kathy to Huntington Park
– being called a “slut” by Kathy
– Heritage Park
– house parties (God DAMN, how I miss house parties!)
– cooking with Damo
– aimless wandering with Mare
– grocery store “shopping” with Laura
– street shenanigans with my guys
– hookah with my best buds
– grabbing dinner and pie with Linus
– ice cream with Doi
– early morning fishing with the guys
– early morning hospital runs with Doi (hahaha)
– talking with good people until the sun comes up
– my dad’s strange ideas that I can’t do anything for myself
– my cousin’s outrageous stories about getting in trouble
– my brother’s hunger
– bowling with the guys
– watching comic book movies with the guys
– playing TWISTER with the guys
– pinching CJ’s nipples
– going to Sizzler with Damo
– Leibs
– DC
– Mrs. Frank
– hanging out under the tree on the quad in high school
– random photo shoots with Mare and ‘Ianne
– hanging out at Starbucks (haha, but only in small doses)
– being able to randomly call up one of the buds for impromptu debauchery
– driving through the beach cities with Matthew
– searching for smoothies with Matthew
– breakfast burritos
– bomb diggity burritos in general
Toys ‘R Us with Matthew
– production nights
– bike-riding with the fam bam
– bike-riding with Damo and Markie Mark
– beach excursions in general
– driving, but only a little bit
Busy Bee’s
– falling asleep on Mare’s bed
– getting DRUNK (I certainly miss that)
– window-shopping with Kathy
– foooood with Nancy (We used to eat out a lot under the pretense that we’d work on our pages. Pfffft.)
– my dad’s tuna sandwiches
– Spanish bread
– working at Borders
– being pelted with rubber-bands by my co-workers
– the random conversations I’d have with my co-workers
– being tickled by Eddie
– being bullied by Adam and Bruno
– that chocolate-peanut drink from Seattle’s Best
– Butterfinger brownies
– chilling at Berenice’s apartment
– being entirely familiar with my surroundings
– driving around Carson/Torrance and inevitably running into a familiar fce
– Lucky China
– Lahaina fried chicken
– my old room
– Gizmo and Tiger
– having my own room
– “Equilibrium” (The DVD disappeared long before I moved)
– money
– wearing flats (Wearing shoes other than sneakers is just asking for pain.)
– the newsroom and all the random hijinks
– drama (I never thought I’d admit that.)
– hearing my brother yell at his video games and arguing with his girlfriend
– brick toast
– picnics at the park
– sitting on my old roof
– talking to Danny, either on AIM, on the phone or through e-mail
– him
– cooking at Sara’s place
– making giant chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches with Damo
– Yellow Basket

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