I feel like Atlas.

I have not felt this stressed in a while. These days I feel I have more in common with poor Atlas over there. I would type “sigh” but that seems a rather lame way of illustrating my exasperation. But I suppose I just did it. Eh, deleting it would be more of a hassle. And now, I’m going to be more lame and quote a “Scrubs” episode.

Nothing in this world that’s worth having comes easy.
Dr. Kelso

I went on a “Scrubs” kick at some point last year, but like all of my TV Land excursions, it was short-lived. Inevitably anything on TV irks me. TV and I have never been close friends since cartoons were dumbed down.

But I digress. Tangents.

So. Right now, I can hear David’s booming voice as he and Matt wrap up their weekly Internet radio show, “Between the Lines” (SHAMELESS PLUG!). I am also listening to “The Last 5 Years,” a musical that I only like for nostalgic reasons. I saw a performance of it with Kim Moy, a really sweet girl I shoved around Boston with during my short Boston University tenure. (I really need to stop starting the majority of my sentences with “I.” I am such a goddamn egoist. Gah! I can’t stop doing it!) As my fingers are busy typing this sentence, I am also clicking on my IM box as messages come in and fixing up a sales associate resume.

Retail can suck balls. Unfortunately it is the only “professional” job experience I currently have, therefore making retail jobs the best opportunities for making the cash monies.

Money can suck balls too. I’ve been on this anti-money rant for the past day or so. In our society we find ourselves chained to cyclical fiscal responsibilities. We make money to spend money, and it never ends for the majority of us. Perhaps I am the odd one out, but I feel that such a living is hardly taking advantage of the time we have on this Earth. Gah.

Sadly, I will continue being a money-grubbing whore because I would rather not be the second homeless Asian person in San Francisco. Natch.

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