In the Dreaming.

We all have our silly fantasies, yes? Well, here is one of mine. Enjoy.

I intend to own one of these giant cats one day. It’s a breed indigenous to North America. Maine coons are amazing, not only because of their sheer size, but also due to their very dog-like personalities. Dubbed the “Gentle Giant,” Maine coons can weigh up to 25 pounds.

Generally, they are highly intelligent and playful, and unlike most other cat breeds, they love water. I am attracted to them mostly because of their size. As you can see above, the Maine coon male is ridiculously larger than the ordinary domestic cat.

What will I do with a cat that size, you might ask? I’ll take it for walks. Somehow I will teach it to use a toilet and drink water from a faucet. And let’s hope its paws will be large enough for it to firmly grasp a doorknob. My Maine coon and I will go camping and bike riding at the beach. We’ll fly kites at Golden Gate Park. As one Web site put it, it will be my “coonpanion” in all facets of my life. Isn’t that “coonpanion” awful?

From a traveling exhibit on Japanese Animation...
From a traveling exhibit on Japanese Animation in Kalamazoo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, I suddenly came to the realization that by owning a Maine coon, I could potentially train it to be a catbus, as illustrated above. The cat bus originated from “My Neighbor Totoro,” an earlier film of Hayao Miyazaki, of “Spirited Away” fame. Totoro was probably my favorite character when I was little, but as I grew older I thought I had imagined him for the longest time. Apparently, very few people have ever heard of Totoro, let alone have seen the film. Upon reminiscing, I recall that Totoros were only visible to children, and they varied in size and color. They could also somehow glide through the air with ease. I never understood why all of the animal characters in this film had Chesire cat grins, but eh. Irrelevant.

David gave me this giant Totoro last summer before I went on a Vegas trip with the family. He tried to hide it under his shirt. You can imagine how well that worked out for him.

So, I obviously have the Totoro; the giant cat is the next step in the equation. As for Totoro’s young friend, well, if you know me, I am no fan of children. I’ll just have to borrow my young cousins for a photo shoot. Everything works out in the end.

I’m getting a bit too picture-happy on my blog. My apologies.

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