Severely confused.

This is a terrible thing for a person such as myself to admit:

I enjoy generalizations. I am a fan.

It’s terrible, I know.

Now, understand, I am fully aware of the inherently dangerous nature of generalizing. In addition, remember that I am very cognizant of another certainty: there are undoubtedly exceptions to the rule.

Here is an example.

From my experience, I feel I can say that many nerdy and/or geeky girls dress like skanks because it gets them attention they would otherwise never receive. Granted, I also think it is the wrong sort of attention that women ultimately loathe, but eh, that’s besides the point at the moment.

There. Something like that. I add a few buffers in my speech or writing, as evidenced by the “From my experience, I feel…” part of the sentence.

I understand great caution should be exercised with words. Words have the power to severely wound or antagonize.



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