Dublin/Pleasanton train, 8 minutes.

I always knew I’d end up living in a city with a subway.

Bollocks to cars, I say.


I love being able to lunch alone in Union Square. Of course, I’m never totally alone, what with the tourists and the homeless.

I was only slightly disappointed by the sour turn of the weather. While I was at work, gorgeous blue skies greeted everyone leaving the retail stores. As soon as 5:30 p.m. rolled around, the clouds seemed to zip over downtown.

Ah, well.

As soon as I finished munching on my Vietnamese-style chicken wrap, a young man approached me, and after complimenting me profusely, asked if I would like to be in his documentary film. He went on this ridiculously long spiel about beauty and the working woman, and I humored him by listening, but in the end I told him I wouldn’t be comfortable. A nearby bum was chuckling at the young man’s little speech. Not five minutes later, the young man returned to verbally bitch-slap the bum. I was in the middle of a phone call with David, so I couldn’t eavesdrop as well as I normally would. Apparently, the young man had been irritated by the homeless man’s chuckling, and decided to let him know just how irritated he felt. The young guy yelled at the homeless man for being rude and disrespectful.


My feet hurt.

I hope I don’t get propositioned to be in another documentary film. It’s already happened more than once up here.

Hum. I think I’ll unwind by watching “Batman Returns.”

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