Jaena needs to get up and get GONE.

I’m too goddamn lazy. There is an entire world out there and I’m either too lazy or too damn scared to throw myself out there.

My mind and heart have been ready for adventure since I realized how limitless my Life could be.

I’ve been ready for the world for years but for one reason or another I continue to shy away from it.

I am not a sham, a coward, or a fink.

I do not lack passion, despite my constant worrying. If anything, my problem is that I want everything. Sometimes it seems easier to focus on the obstacles rather than the vast number of things I want to do.

There is almost nothing I do not crave to taste, smell or feel. I want to see and do as much as I can before my time is up. At the moment the clock seems to be ticking ever faster, and that frightens me.

Hey, Leibs. If you’re reading this, thanks again for lighting this fire under my ass.

2 thoughts on “Jaena needs to get up and get GONE.

  1. Not only am i reading it, I also want to remind you that you ARE doing things…experiencing, thinking, exploring…what you are doing is BUILDING the rocket ship. The structure of the rocket is what takes time…figuring out the means, the contacts, the $ and the strategy The fire is already there, sweetheart…I ALWAYS knew you had the fire. Can’t wait to see you soon so we can compare notes!All love!–leibs

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