He must hate Batman.

Danny:He must hate Batman
Danny:Only explanation
ooopinchme:actually, he says Batman is his favorite superherp
Danny:Well that or
Danny:He secretly had a huge crush on Heath Ledger
Danny:and it would tear him up to watch his last film
ooopinchme:then he’d be gaay
ooopinchme:and we shouldn’t be dating
Danny:I have no other reasons
ooopinchme:reasons aside
ooopinchme:he’s a douche for ditching me on my Batman day
Danny:Yeah I’d say that’s pretty true
Yes, still irritated about the same thing. Ah well. By gones, right?—–

Ah, well.

So. There is a certain song that reminds me of a certain someone, more so for the imagery it evokes than the actual lyrics, but eh. I can dream.

And I will.

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