Daddy’s little girl.

Dad and I share many similarities.

  • We enjoy specials on the Discovery Channel, or the History Channel. Oh, the Smithsonian channel too.
  • We find an ice cold glass of milk immensely satisfying.
  • We are suckers for all kinds of chocolate sweets. Well, sweets in general.
  • We both like musicals, although I think he begrudgingly likes Broadway musicals.
  • We’re suckers for the plight of strays and basically every single endangered animal on the list.
  • We are both no-fuss, no-frills types of people.
  • We are equally satisfied by staying home alone as we are going out. Well, I think he enjoys his solitary life style a bit more than I do.
  • We are both better at one-on-one conversations than group discussions.
  • We are awkward around relative strangers.
  • And our particular brand of affection is gruff and unconventional.

Thanks for the lessons in life, Dad. And I sincerely mean this.

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