They are exactly what they sound like.

And now for the topic of my post title:

The fabulous yet disconcerting bleu cheese.

I know it doesn’t look particularly appetizing. I know the blue veins are bacteria cultures that were injected into the cheese.

But damn, is this shit tasty.

When I was little, I could never understand why my dad could enjoy such a sharp tasting cheese, but he would always order bleu cheese dressing on his salads without fail.

Everything about this cheese perturbed me: the strange pale color, the snaking blue veins, the smell.

I can’t recall when my tastes started to evolve. Perhaps it was my sudden craving for buffalo wings, and the desire to find another dip to add to the rotation along with ranch dressing.

Perhaps it was the bleu cheese french fries from the Irish Bank downtown.

Nevertheless, bleu cheese has become a top contender in my life.

The other day, I asked for bleu cheese on my customary bacon burger from Joe’s Cable Car.

It was heavenly. I don’t know if I can ever go back to sharp cheddar on my burgers.


I’ve been writing about so much inane crap lately. I will fix that soon. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe not.

Kathy came to visit, so I didn’t want to shove myself in a corner and ramble away on here. I attempted to play the gracious hostess. I think I succeeded, and I loved having her here. It was just a taste of what it will be like when she finally moves in. Of course, I’m thrilled.

More visitors will arrive Sunday or Monday, which makes it very unlikely I’ll write anything more than this drivel, but eh.


And cupcakes. Red velvet cupcakes.


One thought on “Tasty.

  1. I want to eat that burger right now with a side of the tasty fries you’re talking about and finish it off with red velvet cupcakes. I want to eat all of that in bed then fall straight to sleep and dream about diners, drive ins and dives…

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