Bring it on, Old Age and Death!


“You could be anywhere from 17 to 25.”

Well, thanks. I know I’ll certainly be enjoying this age-ambiguity in the next couple of decades (assuming I live that long), but still being carded for cigarettes when I’ve been out of high school for nearly five years is quite ridiculous.

Twice in one week, no less.

I suppose it doesn’t help when there are still days when I’m clothed in my geek uniform: Batman T-shirt, jeans and my Vans, but at this age I still value comfort and ease over high fashion.

That being said, today I stared down a couple of young children who seemed put-off or frightened by my Joker shirt. Their parents should teach them not to stare.


Perhaps I am still an immature little brat, and strangers can spot that regardless of how sophisticated I may be dressed.


Despite any uncertainties pertaining to a future career, the rest of my life seems to be fleshing itself out quite nicely. It’s robust and warm, and earthy.

I enjoy it.

Hello there, Danzo, for whenever you get to this entry.

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