Tonight, there are no such things as "gloom" and "doom."

This sudden euphoria is quite welcome, especially since I can’t seem to pinpoint the cause.

C’est la vie.

So it goes.

Sometimes I truly enjoy my necessity to speculate, but not so tonight. I’ll leave my suspicions and doubts locked away for now.

This is the peace of mind I crave in my darkest moments of self-ridicule.

I’m going to be OK; no matter what happens, my life is my own.

I’m doing a damn fine job of keeping it together. There is no need to compare to others; they are where they are for whatever reasons.

I know how I arrived here, and I can always be better than I am.

Tonight I am overcome by a feeling of awe such that I’ve thought was long gone with childish fancies. My heart swells with this wonder.

Behold, this is the world, and it is beautiful.

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