The world changes with the weather.

The clear blue skies of today belie the coming storms.

But eh, I am trying to enjoy this weather as much as possible. At the moment I am sitting out on the upstairs patio of the Fine Arts Building, watching the ice melt from my much beloved iced white mocha.

Despite the abundant sunshine, I am still wearing my coat. There is a constant cool breeze, which reminds me of the sea and of home. It is almost a sea breeze, but thankfully there is no pier stench in it.

Gah. I just looked up and to my right to find this offender:

And he had the nerve to be startled by my sudden attention. I suppose he’s enjoying this fine weather too, so I’ll cut him some slack.

My Mondays and Tuesdays are far too long. I am out of the apartment by 9:30 a.m. (assuming I get up in time), and I don’t return until 10 p.m.

On Mondays I hardly have any down time. I work until 5:30 p.m., then I hustle it to BART, and from the Daly City station I catch the Muni 28 or the SF State shuttle, whichever comes first. On good time, I make it to campus by about 6 p.m., which gives me just about an hour to veg out and consume a wrap or sandwich before class.

Tuesdays are a bit more bearable because I have exceedingly long breaks between my three classes, but obviously, I have trouble filling those breaks with meaningful and productive activities. Hence this inane blog, and my amusement with the brazen, dozing bird. If I had cat-like reflexes, I could have nabbed him.

But I don’t, because I don’t exercise.

Today probably would have been a good day to climb the stairs of the bizarre observational platform atop the student center. I’ll take a proper photo of it some time this week, but basically a long flight of stairs leads to a platform, from which you can peer down upon a good portion of the campus. The Cesar Chavez Student Center was designed as a sort of inverted hexagon. It’s hard to imagine when simply looking at it, but it’s a rather fascinating building. It has two underground levels that contain the pub, The Depot (a small stage), an arcade and game room, various restaurants, study rooms and club offices. Three more levels complete the building, and house conference rooms, more restaurants, and the bookstore.

The first time I had to find someone’s office there, I immediately got lost. My sense of direction was immediately muddled by the bizarre room shapes and extra walls. It’s a maze, a labyrinth of school spirit.

And now I’m just rambling. I hear someone practicing opera in the Creative Arts Building, and class begins in about 20 minutes. I am dreading waking up Nancy from her little cat nap in the sun, but I suppose suffering her wrath now is better than suffering it later if I leave her here.

I have six more hours on campus. Three more months of this semester. Potentially one more semester until I graduate.

The only thing I can do is to keep slogging along.

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