Flashback Friday!

Originally published on my Myspace blog:

[10 Jan 2006 | Tuesday] 2:17 AM

Snoopy and I. Separated at creation?
Current mood: contemplative
Category: Life

Yes. Snoopy and I.

I say he and I were destined to meet.

How we are similar:

_| We like to dream. We’re always in another world, another lifetime, another universe.
_| We share a bizarre fondness for Charlie Brown. [While no one else likes him even a little bit. 😐 ]
_| Food makes us indescribably happy.
_| We both wish we were pilots.
_| We like blankets.
_| We are both writers desiring to write THE novel of the century.
_| We both like to think we are excellent at whatever we do- mostly when we daydream. Hah.
_| We are both fairly quiet.
_| We communicate chiefly through facial expressions or gestures.
_| We both enjoy Van Gogh.
_| Our family members live pretty far away.
_| We have huge, fantastical goals.
_| Cookies are a favorite weakness of ours.

I simply cannot stress this enough. The evidence is clear, well-documented and published.

And I shall leave you with this to ponder.


3 thoughts on “Flashback Friday!

  1. Charlie Brown rocks! A lot of times I feel like Charlie Brown yet also need a Linus security blanket. Right now I have a favorite pillow that’s my “blanket” during stress.

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