Update BLITZ.

Some positives:

  1. David and I celebrated our three year anniversary on Jan. 4. Spent four days and three nights in Vegas.
  2. Jan. 7: I started an internship with the Women’s Funding Network as their social media intern.
  3. Housewarming shindig for Guevarra and his lady on Sunday. Some of the guys will be up here too.
  4. Jan. 20 will mark a full two years of living in the Bay. 
  5. I already have my summer planned out with an internship at HarperOne.
  6. Just landed my first paid gig writing stories and shooting/editing video. It’s temporary, but it’s a start.
  7. Final semester at SF State. Mixed feelings there.
        The one BIG negative (and also why this is no longer a blitz post):
        I’ve been told I’m silly for wanting to believe in people. Let me clarify. I have faith in individuals, but not so much for humanity as a whole. However, I don’t know how I feel anymore.
        On Wednesday, my 78-year-old grandpa was virtually kidnapped outside of his home bank in Carson by three men. These three men drove to another bank in Compton, declaring that my grandpa would have to give them $10,000 if he wanted to go home. While two men stayed in the car, the third acted as escort as my grandpa walked up to a teller and withdrew the money. These morally bankrupt individuals are now spending my grandpa’s hard-earned savings from years of work.
        This is my grandpa, along with myself and the other grand-kids on Christmas Eve:
        I ask you, what kind of person would think it is OK to harm a harmless senior citizen like my grandpa? I don’t give a damn how desperate your situation may be; there is always a way to persevere, to survive, without taking advantage of someone weaker than you.
        Victimizing senior citizens is utterly despicable. I worry that there will be no retribution for these low-life bastards, as my grandpa is scared and simply thankful they didn’t hurt him, or worse. I spoke to him on the phone today, hoping to convince him to do something about it. While he understood my ire, he just kept insisting that he will continue praying to God to make things right.
        It seems that this has been his reply to everyone else in the family. We’re all angrier than he is, although we are also thankful he is fine. The mere idea that we could have lost him frightens me to no end. I can’t write for my dad, brother, cousin or aunt, but I know a large portion of my indignation stems from the fact that I wasn’t there to help Pa.
        I keep playing the incident in my mind, and it is all so vivid. I can imagine every moment, from the bank (which is my home bank too) to the car ride through Carson to Compton. My grandpa’s fear and confusion, and the thoughts whirling around in his brain the whole time. Sometimes I place myself at the scene, and the pathetic culprits choose another old person as their victim. Or I happen to walk up as they bully my grandpa into their car. Then things get heated and/or violent.
        Pa shouldn’t experience anything of that sort. No person of any age should be targeted in this manner. Pa has worked too hard and has been too good of a parent and grandparent.
        Part of me hopes he’ll soon change his mind and report the crime. These pisants are still out there, and they will likely pull the job again after the success of this one.
        Nevertheless, I’ll try to focus on the positive. Pa is still in my life and will likely see me graduate, as he’s been talking about since I was little. Thank god for that.

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