Home field.

I arrived in LA Friday evening, but I spent most of it and the following day in West Hollywood and Redondo Beach. We started off at Molly Mallone’s to surprise Jeremiah during his little birthday shindig. He was already quite drunk when we arrived, and at first he was utterly speechless to see me. I finally met some of his friends who were never on the Union, which was a nice little change. Sometimes it feels like I never meet anyone new when I go home to visit; we’re all in our firmly established friend circles these days.

We didn’t stay very long. I downed a pint of Guiness and shared an Irish car bomb with Jeremiah before we headed for our next destination, Girl Bar. Berenice wanted to take me to one of her favorite lesbian clubs. This was to celebrate Berenice’s birthday, which was last weekend. I’d never been to a gay bar before; strange, considering where I live these days. Now, at the best of times I don’t like clubs; everything from the music to the expensive drinks usually leaves me in a bit of a sour mood. This club was a bit unique because of the go-go dancers who might as well have been strippers. Cristian and I ended up hanging out on the patio, having a few smokes and catching up. Overall, it was a totally distinctive evening, ending in me driving to Lakewood to drop off Berenice’s friend because she drank too much even though she drove herself to the club. Quite frankly, that was a stupid move.

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But I digress. Part of me wanted to stay at Molly Malone’s. Bars are really much more my speed. You know, knocking back a few pints while getting to know someone. However, I must admit I found our waitress rather irritating. Her unabashed flirting to earn higher tips was rather disgusting.

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