In high school, melancholy was my most paralyzing emotion. I would board myself up in my room all weekend and do little more than lie in bed. Now that I am a tiny bit older, anger seems to have the strongest debilitating effect. To prevent myself from acting out all of the horrible things fluttering around my brain, I have to sit very still and forget my troubles and responsibilities for a little while. This period is usually followed by a whirlwind of some mindless activity, like cleaning my room or washing the dishes. When my frustrated energy is spent, only then can I proceed as usual.

This sounds like a convoluted process but it actually happens within 15 minutes or so. For me, emotions are a choice, therefore I tend to quickly snap out of negative feelings. I suppose that makes me doubly at fault if I remain angry or sad for a while, but eh. I digress. David will likely read this later and nod.

I was mad at the beginning of this entry, but now I am in better spirits. I am full of Australian root beer (courtesy of Alex) and macaroni and cheese, and will likely pop in “Equilibrium” while I edit some video.

A mundane Saturday evening.

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