Pour out some liquor and I reminisce.

Ignore the post title: just listened to “Dear Mama” by Tupac.

I’ve never felt more like a creeper: eating Cheetos puffs over my laptop and surfing Facebook. I don’t even want to mention the topic of conversation between my roommate and I.

My last entry was all about how much my life has changed within the last two years. Right now I feel like the same kid I was in high school. The fact that I’m listening to Journey now probably means something as well.

Funky mood today. Felt rebellious and lazy, so I didn’t do any work today. Classes ended early and Nancy convinced me to grab lunch with her at Squat & Gobble. Nine hours later and I’m still full from that crab cake florentine.

Oy. This is probably the most inane post in recent memory. My apologies. All I’m doing is streaming 93.5 KDAY and enjoying aimless chatter with Nancy.

I ought to go to bed. Big interview in the morning.

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