I try my damnedest to remain stoic in most situations. I rationalize everything to the nth degree in order to alleviate the common emotions one might experience. Gossip is beneath me. I’d rather discuss something completely inane than entertain myself at the expense of others. I can stomach the occasional rant, but I would prefer not to do that either. I don’t find it as cathartic as most people. If anything, I grow even more frustrated as I vent because in the end I realize that I am only venting because I know that is all I can do about my predicament.

Unfortunately, of late, my anger seems to swiftly flare up in spite of my machinations. When I feel as though I’m losing control, my tolerance dips to an alarmingly low threshold. I don’t want to be like that. I don’t want to be cranky, easily exasperated and downright miserable. I know I don’t have to be like that, but sometimes the world seems to tell me that I should just go with it and be as petty and vindictive as everyone else.

Reading back on that ^, it doesn’t seem to make much sense anymore. Maybe I’m just hungry. Yep, that’s it.