I’m a Tumblr.

Truth: jaenarae.tumblr.com

Well, two reasons.
First, I noticed that Snip Snap has became rather dreary. I tend to write anything of substance when I’m feeling low, and while this can be incredibly cathartic, it doesn’t exactly lift my spirits. If anything, I usually feel crappy after the writing exercise; it was an expulsion, of a sort, but in the creation of that post I was so (too?) focused on the reason of my displeasure. My little Tumblr will serve as a suppository of silly and fun things that simply make me smile.
Second, I figure it isn’t a bad idea to experience the hype for myself. I have a number of other online accounts for that reason, just so I know what everyone is on about.
That’s why I have a WordPress account that just gathers Interweb dust. But eh, Tumblr seems pretty easy and simple so far. And the process of posting things that make me giggle tends to put me in a good mood.
So WIN, on all accounts.
I won’t use Tumblr for anything lengthy. Right now it’s really just a new toy for me. We’ll see how long this dalliance lasts.

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