Good news!

Dad agreed to buy me a bike for my birthday!

I asked for a shiny red one.

Good lord, I’m still such a child.

The only stipulation is that I must do the research myself and select a bike, but now I feel a wee bit in over my head. I initially thought comfort bikes and hybrid bikes were one and the same, but now I’ve learned quite differently. Namely, that a comfort bike has wide tires and smaller wheels, while a hybrid has skinnier tires (like a road bike) and bigger wheels, so the bike will go faster without as much effort.

Sounds like a hybrid is the way to go. I’m still hoping I can find something within my price range that’s cheerfully red, but I’ve come across some pretty snazzy cream-colored hybrid bikes. Decisions!

Dad also reiterated that he’ll help me with my school loans when they rear their ugly heads in December.

Long story short, my dad rules.

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