A Bibliophile’s Boon!

Friends of the San Francisco Public Library’s 46th Annual Big Book Sale 

AMAZING. I wish someone had been there to record the smile that bloomed on my face when I first walked in.
I could have spent my entire day there. As it is, I only spent a couple of hours riffling through the wide assortment of books. Most paperbacks were $1 or $2, so I spent $23 for 15 books. Not too shabby. I’ll probably return for more on Sunday, when every book is only $1. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

Today’s haul:

  1. “Herland: A Lost Feminist Utopian Novel” – Charlotte Perkins Gilman
  2. “The Stone Boy and other stories” – Thich Nhat Hanh
  3. “Dubliners” – James Joyce
  4. “The Turn of the Screw and other short novels” – Henry James
  5. “The Secret Agent” – Joseph Conrad
  6. “Nineteenth Century German Tales” – Edited by Angel Flores
  7. “May We Borrow Your Husband?” – Graham Greene
  8. “Cat and Mouse” – Gunter Grass
  9. “Seven Gothic Tales” – Isak Dinesan
  10. “The Power and the Glory” – Graham Greene
  11. “Washington Square” – Henry James
  12. “Life is Elsewhere” – Milan Kundera
  13. “The Passion” – Jeanette Winterson
  14. “The Book of the Dun Cow” – Walter Wangerin Jr.
  15. “Bone” – Fae Myenne Ng

I definitely need to purchase a decent bookshelf now, or at least add more shelves to my space in the living room.

One thought on “A Bibliophile’s Boon!

  1. My mom volunteers at a Friends of the Library [FOL] bookstore, and LOVES it. Those sales are the best, but working there means you get first dibs…though you already seem soooooo busy to me I don't know if you have time to do that…but if you want dibs on the books, that's the way to do it!

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