Strange dream about portals and scrying.

I found myself with a young girl and older woman who seemed to be related to me. The elder was in the middle of a lesson. She said that it is easier to travel between worlds by falling into them, rather than climbing into them. The young girl and I were both holding thick stubs of red chalk, and the elder instructed us to begin drawing our portals on the floor. The little one drew small, even circles, while mine were large and askew. Suddenly, I started to furiously scribble, but instead of red, the lines were black. Eventually the black lines resembled letters: “Beware Charles.” I dropped the chalk and scooted away from what I’d just done. The elder gasped, but had no way to explain my frenzy. She called the other elders, and they huddled together on the other side of the room, throwing furtive glances in my direction.

I was confused and afraid. I think I knew who Charles was, but my dream ended there.

Strange dream.

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