Last night’s World Series Gala with the Giants at the California Academy of Sciences COMPLETELY BLEW ME AWAY. I rubbed elbows with 2,000 people last night. Open bars littered the museum floor, and the food had an SF neighborhood-theme: North Beach – Italian, Chinatown – dim sum, Japantown – sushi, Ghirardelli Square – Irish whiskey and chocolate, Mission – tacos, etc. I stuffed my face and almost drank my fill as David dragged me around to introduce me to his bosses and coworkers.

It was AMAZING. I saw Gavin Newsom, Mike Krukow, Dwayne Kuiper, Dave Fleming, Gaylord Perry and many more SF icons.

Aside from the Academy itself, my favorite bit was the brilliant fireworks display that erupted from the Music Concourse. The video will soon be posted; I’m currently rendering it on Final Cut. I’ve never been that close to a fireworks show before. It was literally right above us. Beat the hell out of any show I’ve ever seen. 

I’m still exhausted. My friend Maria pointed out that I may have to get used to this sort of thing when David’s career really gets moving. I think I can deal quite well. 

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