"That’s why I FRAMED Krusty."

(Thus begins my renewed attempt at inane blogging. I’ll try to be serious on occasion, but really, I’m serious enough in my day-to-day life as it is.)

Whining is highly contagious, so please, keep it to a minimum.

I’ve been intensely craving chocolate. To combat the inevitable weight gain, I should really get rid of my car, get $1,000 from the state, and buy a swanky red bicycle with a little red bell and a sturdy basket. But mmm… chocolate.

I made the most amazing batch of brownies on Super Bowl Sunday: Nutella Caramel Hazelnut brownies. They were devoured within a day. A day! (But not by me alone, thank goodness.) I paired the dregs of the pan with chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream. It was sublime.

See. Serious sweet tooth. Mmm…

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