Social Networking in Libraries

The basic drive is to get people back into the library by making the library relevant to what they want and need in their daily lives…to make the library a destination and not an afterthought. (

According to the readings by Jennifer Kelley, College of DuPage, and the 2011 State of America’s Libraries Report – Social networking in libraries, social networking is not only here to stay, but it is imperative for libraries and librarians to adopt and utilize social networks to better connect with their members. Based on the 2011 State of America’s Libraries Report, it is clear that the majority of adults are participating in the social media realm. This is a fact that cannot be ignored.

Granted, social networks are not for everyone. Kelley makes a good point: “Used without reason, social software can be a time waster, a nuisance and a bore.” While starting up a Twitter account or a new blog may take mere minutes, learning to effectively use these tools is the more difficult part. However, when used effectively and with purpose, social networks can open up new realms of community engagement.

In order to have any relevancy in the future, or even now, any organization must have some sort of interactive online presence. I have found that participating in social networks opens up several positive possibilities, such as immediate feedback resulting in faster patron service, and the ability to quickly (and cheaply) promote an organization’s events or news.


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