Too easy.


Q: What’s it like to be marrying Neil Gaiman?
Yeah, so, I don’t fucking know. I mean, it’s like trying to explain a colour. It’s just… You know. I really love him. It’s an incredible relationship. I feel incredibly lucky that we found each other. And I’ve never been able to be so completely myself, you know. Inside of a relationship, where usually in a relationship there’s a lot of changing and adjusting and figuring out and compromising and endless talking about how to do what, and with Neil it’s just so easy. You know, we’re just so easy for each other, that it feels.. It sometimes scares the shit out of me, because it feels too easy. Like the work should be harder. But, you know, there’s almost no work. It’s just, I really understand him, and he really understands me, and there’s not much else to talk about, we get to just go and have fun.

I love her. Truthfully, there’s still “changing and adjusting and figuring out and compromising”. We bump into each other sometimes, or tread on each other’s toes or hearts.  But it’s still the easiest relationship I have ever had, and it makes me very happy that she exists and that she loves me.

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