Project 52 – Week 1

Project 51- Week 1Before the day is done, I have to get this in. Not the best start to my project, but eh.

I decided not to impose too many rules on my first Project 52. As long as I am disciplined enough to post about each week, that is enough. The above photo grid basically represents my first week of the year.

Photo 1 (from left): We dismantled and dismembered our Christmas tree right after New Year’s. As required by the city, we had to saw our nearly 7 foot tree in half. As much as I love Christmas tchotchkes and the scent of Noble firs, it is always such a relief to have my apartment back to normal. Besides, my one skittish cat Gizmo, pictured third from left, had claimed the tree as her fortress of solitude and would only slink out from underneath it at night.

Photo 2: David and I acknowledged our sixth anniversary this week. We consider Jan. 4 the day we started going out. My older friends and family tell me that once a couple marries, they no longer celebrate their “dating” anniversary, but I see it as an excuse for more good times. Anyway, this is one of my favorite photos of us. It was taken at Twin Peaks in San Francisco during a short vacation to visit our friend Sara. We had only been dating for a few weeks at that point too.

Photo 3: One of the biggest changes to this year (aside from getting married) is the addition of two cats to our household. I have actually had these cats for years, but up until Dec. 27 they lived with my dad in LA. Both are rescue kitties. This beauty is Gizmo, named mostly for her fur color. I found her at El Camino College when she was only a few weeks old. She’s as crazy as she is pretty. One minute she’s purring loudly, and the next she’s hissing and swiping at you. Reminds me of some people I know.

Photo 4: Tiger, my favorite of the two kitties. In 2005, my friend Laura found her when she was a few weeks old, and promptly handed her over to me. Initially, she was just as bratty as Gizmo, but she has mellowed out and become very sweet in middle age. It gives me hope for the younger cat. She is my lap kitty, who curls up on me while I’m reading or playing video games.

And there you have it: Week 1 of Project 52. Of course, I hope to improve with each week. Improve how, I am not quite sure yet. This is a process. Thanks for coming along.

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