Project 52 – Week 3


My eventful weekend left me pretty exhausted. Even now, a full day removed, all I want to do is lie (lay?) about like a walrus.

Some day soon I will enjoy one of those weekends where I just sit on my bottom and… read. Or do homework. Exciting stuff. Unfortunately, this is not in the near future for me. This weekend I’m leaving for Seattle and the American Library Association Midwinter Meeting. My first library conference. I have attended a number of journalism conferences, but for some reason I’m more nervous about this one. But more on that later. Perhaps even live blogging, oh my!

On to Week 3 of my Project 52.

The work week itself was fairly vanilla. I spent most of it at the San Francisco office, some of it volunteering at the Western Addition Branch Library, and visited the Main Library to fill out my paperwork to be a library page.

Photo 1 (from top): Miraculously, my husband had the entire weekend off, so he suggested a Library Day, what I believe will be the first of many. He researched some of the “best” public libraries in the East Bay, and we visited a total of eight on Saturday.

In order:

  1. Orinda Public Library
  2. Castro Valley Library
  3. Washington Manor Branch Library in San Leandro
  4. San Leandro Public Library
  5. Alameda Free Library Main Branch
  6. Oakland Main Library
  7. Montclair Branch Library
  8. Golden Gate Branch Library

The Montclair branch was my favorite from a purely aesthetic standpoint. Utterly quaint and adorable. I mean, look at that sign. It has OWLS on it.

I plan to write an entire post dedicated to that day and my impressions of the libraries, so stay tuned. Oh, and for those of you unaware, I’m a library student, so I love me some libraries.

Photo 2: We spent Sunday afternoon with our friends Sara and Cyrus. A while back we decided to try San Francisco’s Dine About Town. It’s a sort of “restaurant week,” where a number of upscale restaurants offer prix-fixe meals at a discounted rate to entice new diners. We settled on Sutro’s at the Cliff House, largely because of the view and all the hype. The food was tasty, but not spectacular. We had some time to kill before our reservation, so we raced to Ocean Beach to catch the sunset, and we were definitely not alone. The beach was packed with other onlookers who wanted to take in the gorgeous sunset. It was a lovely experience, especially because it often feels like we overlook the simple pleasures as we race from place to place.

Photos 3 & 4: More cat photos. (There will be many. Now that I’m older and make a little bit of money, I can indulge my cat lady tendencies.) After touring libraries, David and I ran a few errands, including buying more pet supplies. I couldn’t resist the whimsy of a cat in a suit, especially at half-price. The label stated “one-size-fits-all,” but we quickly realized that Gizmo was a tad too chunky for the suit. A sweater vest would probably suit her better. Tiger, on the other hand, took to the little coat tails rather well. She’s been wearing it without complaint or angry glares.

Has it really only been three weeks of the new year? They are just crawling by. But as I type this, I realize we’re already in the middle of Week 4, and I am being far too tardy with these Project 52 posts.

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