Project 52 – Week 9


Well, here we are. Week 9 and I’m feeling mighty fine. The end of February was a pretty standard week in terms of work and life in general. I’m working on several projects at once and it’s a wonder that I ever get any sleep, let alone do anything fun. Anyhow…

Photo 1 (from left): Keen observers may have noticed I’m a huge fan of understated whimsy, like subtle animal patterns or other cutesy little details. These shoes are a prime example. From afar the pattern is a simple polka dot, but upon closer inspection ladybugs appear. Mind. Blown. If you’re easily amused by such things.

Photo 2: More whimsy, this time in the form of a T-rex mug from Creature Cups. Certainly an indulgence, but look at it. Seriously. What’s one more amazing mug for my collection?

Photo 3: I try to take advantage of the weather or time of day when I take landscape or cityscape photos. I left my shift at the library yesterday at 6 p.m., and this greeted me as I exited the building. City Hall is part of my walk home from work. Often, I still find myself stunned by the beauty of this city and I can’t believe how fortunate I am to live here.

Photo 4: David and I spent yesterday evening in North Beach with our friend Sara. We had dinner at Golden Boy Pizza, then people-watched at one of my favorite places, Caffe Greco. My first visit to this cafe was back in high school, when I visited the Bay for a college tour with several classmates. I’ve regularly visited since then, both for leisure and to get some work done. This is one of our favorite desserts: Sacripantina. It’s a fairly light cake reminiscent of tiramisu, and this version has a little texture, thanks to the crunchy cookie-like topping.

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